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Notes on Authorship

  • Livingston's commitment to the idea of "the folk," alongside his Marxist understanding of human creativity, led him to cast aside conventional notions of cultural propriety and authorship. So, it is uncertain which CFL players – or staff, in at least one case ("Madonna with No Divinity") – wrote the songs.

  • "CFL Seasons in the Sun" was the only popular "cover" song recorded by Livingston during the Sessions.  
Song List (download songs - 41.9 MB .zip file)
  1. On Discipline
  2. Horseman
  3. Song Written Upon Getting Cut by the Argos
  4. Linebacker Passing Through
  5. On Play
  6. "E" for Endzone
  7. CFL Seasons in the Sun
  8. Madonna with No Divinity
  9. Life is Like Canadian Football 

Credits and Contributors 

  • Henry Adam Svec (vocals, guitar, drums, percussion)
  • WL Altman (piano, organs, melodica, harmonica, ukulele, vocals) 
  • Laura Barrett (vocals on "Madonna with no Divinity")
  • Andy Magoffin (drum solo on "Life is Like Canadian Football") 
  • Jeseka Hickey (textual consultant, "Madonna with no Divinity")

Recorded by Andy Magoffin at House of Miracles in London, ON, and by WL Altman in Sackville, NB.